Who are we? NAC is Nelsons premier airsoft club and only representative nationally. In fact, Wellington or Christchurch are your closest options after NAC.

We have close to 50 members currently. Some are not regular players but you don’t have to be gaming every week to be part of our team!

NAC play airsoft for fun and recreation. We also train and participate for inter-club events and national competitions. We have access to several fields of varying terrain and all local paintball sites, when available, just for us (including Armageddon).

We have a game and style to suit everyone!

Anyone can play airsoft. You, friends, siblings, parents, workmates. And we shouldn’t even have to mention male or female. (Due to airsoft replica rifles being classed under the firearms umbrella we require you to be 18yrs+ or 16yrs+ with a current firearms licence.)