What will it cost?
Your first day is just $20! That pays for your bag of ammo = 4000 rounds! You can share this with a mate or two. Save it for next time because we know you will want to come back.
Guns and gear can be kept to a minimum or you can go all out and pimp yourself from a worldwide availability of paraphernalia. Please, talk to us about your options, needs and budget. We have a lot of experience and don’t want to see anyone waste their money.

How old do I need to be?
Due to airsoft replica rifles being classed under the firearms umbrella we require you to be 18yrs+ or 16yrs+ with a current firearms licence.

Does it hurt?
Less than paintball! Flick yourself really hard, any where, do it now… it doesn’t hurt that much! We have safety rules and engagement distances to keep airsoft enjoyable. I wont lie to you, if you get hit on the ear, knuckle, nose or other small sensitive areas it will make you flinch and or scream a little… but they are small areas to hit. It is your choice what gear you wear, we have face masks, full length clothing, gloves plus more. I personally prefer small glasses and a t shirt… options are available.

Where do you play?
All our fields are local enough to drive within 30 minutes. Armageddon is a little further. Please call or message Jamie and we can arrange car pool or follow the leader.

When do you play?
We play almost every weekend. Saturdays or Sundays. Sometimes both. Call or message Jamie to setup a date that suits you and us so we can set you up right and have all available gear at your disposal.
We play the whole day from approximately 10.00am – 5.00pm. But you don’t have to be there all day!
Please be prepared with plenty of water and lunch/snack foods. All fields are out of range to shops.